The concept of servant leadership and examples of servant leaders

We are humans and we live to serve ourselves and our families. There are a lot of different types of people but there are very few people who live to serve others by leading them in the right direction.

These people are servant leader examples. There are not too many people in this world who are under the category of servant leadership examples but those who are always have a significant place in our hearts.

What are servant leaders?

We are taking a lot about servant leaders. But what are servant leaders? Servant leaders belong to a completely different category of people who have only thing in their mind and this thing is their primary objective.

Their primary objective is to put the needs of other people before their own. This is the epitome of servant leaders. Their main focus is to serve other people and make their lives better.

The different examples of servant leaders have always served the people and organisations first to change them for the betterment of the society. They belong to society and the people. They are for the people and to the people. This explains a lot about servant leadership.

Qualities of the servant leaders

These servant leaders have a lot of qualities. It is not only about a single quality. They have set of qualities and using them they change this world for its betterment. They have ability to heal communities with their inclusive visions and strong actions.

They had already seen the tough times in their lives. That is why they have the courage to fight for the community of people in the face of adversity as well. All these qualities are common to all the servant leaders. These are their specialities.

Know more about servant leaders

There is need to know more about the servant leaders. For this we need to talk about it with the servant leader example and how these people have taught so much to us with their actions.

We need to take account of servant leadership and its concept with the help of examples of servant leadership people who have followed it with their heart and soul.

Examples of servant leaders

Here we have brought for you examples of servant leaders today. Following are some of the great examples of such people.

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the best examples of servant leaders is Martin Luther King Jr. He was such a personality who knew that he was need of equality in US. It was not like that he wanted to become the leader of Civil Rights Movement in the US.

But he changed the US altogether by putting the other people’s needs first. He always had a humble and serving perspective which worked in his favour and the community who was serving.

This serving leadership perspective helped him achieve his goals and create long lasting legacy for himself and his people. Even today people listen to the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. That is why he is such a great example of servant leader and servant leadership.

  • Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a humble servant of people and he had the passion to serve his people. He always wanted his people to enjoy equality. He always made it very clear that he was serving people.

That is why he sometimes put his well being at risk as well by making speeches on the streets and serving time in difficult and adverse conditions of prison as well. At his heavy personal cost, Nelson Mandela remained true of his convictions to achieve equality for South Africa.

He served people many years in the dark times that is apartheid times. Surely he is one of the great servant leaders all times. He truly explains the meaning of servant leadership.

  • Mahatma Gandhi

He was one of the great servant leaders from India. He returned from South Africa after completing law to serve his people in India to free them from the Britishers. He always believed that serving others would be the best way to lose oneself.

He always held peaceful protests through logical discourse and fasting many a times. He loathed any form of violence but still helped all the important decisions took.

Eventually India was freed from Britishers and his role was immense in serving the people. He was surely one of the greatest servant leaders in India.

  • Mother Teresa

There are only few people who can work relentlessly for other people their whole life. Mother Teresa was one such person. She dedicated her whole life for people and serving them without stopping. She served all the needy and the poor people.

For this reason only she is regarded and revered heavily by so many people. She had critics no doubt but no one would ever question her motives. Her services for all sections of the society will be remembered for long time. Surely one of the greatest servant leaders of all times.

  • Albert Schweitzer

Schweitzer took the words of Christ seriously and served so many people throughout his whole life through his services and love. He served all the people through his love in many different ways. At one point of time, he and his wife served served thousands of people in Africa.

They had to travel thousands of miles just to get to one patient. Such was the dedication and love of serving people of Albert Schweitzer. He made a great place in the heart of people and so many people followed him and his ideas of serving others.

All these people we have discussed are some of tt great servant leaders and explained the true and authentic meaning of servant leadership to different people.

One thing is for sure that these people never worked for their own personal recognition. On the contrary worked for the welfare of people by serving them.

We people also take motivation from these people and do something good for the society.

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