10 Best Advantages and Disadvantages of the Death Penalty

Ever since the re-establishment of death penalty in late 1970s, talking about the numbers there have been more than 1400+ prisoner in death row have been prosecuted. While on the other hand the oldest prisoner ever to be recorded has been executed at the age of 72 years has joined the list. The death row type taken into consideration for his execution was a lethal injection. So here we will go through death penalty pros list.

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In the USA and various other continents and sub continents all around the globe there are people who are supporting death penalty as well those who strongly disagree with such death punishments. In United States this has been deemed as legal in 31 states while on the contrary the remaining 19 have chosen to abandon it. The latest was Nebraska in the month of May 4 years back (May 4 2015). This clearly indicates that there are powerful reasoning among the doubter and advocates. Whereas in the early 1980 when the lethal injections was found to be the common practice. We hereby will take a look at pros and cons of death penalty.

Below are death penalty pros

Benefits of Death Penalty

1.Discouraging the bad guys to commit monstrous violations:-

The biggest reason of the huge number of supporters we observe is for the death penalty is very impactful in nature and an impeccable crime constraint. As the most distinguished advocates have prepared a statement which explains why death row as a severe punishment should be given an approval. This can be due to the harsh punishment and the convicts will be scared to get into any activities which may lead to a death penalty. Serious crimes such as murder, rape etc. could be stopped to a certain extent as these convicts may fear the harsh and cruel way of the authorities to deal with such things. It is by far the greatest constraint to counter criminal and criminal activities. But just in case if a convict commit a crime that is recognized by authorities and common people and gets a severe death punishment this will be known to all including those who are new to the criminal neighborhood. In a worry to avoid going through this all the criminals will be discouraged to keep going on such a path that eventually leads to nothing but death penalty.

2. This is what the obdurate (tough) criminals are entitled to:-

A few crimes that fall under the category for serving the severe punishment are rape, murder and entirely depends upon the ruling country, state, government department which has the right to bring such harsh practice into action. For competent death sentence, there always are people who keep reiterating the same offence all over again and again and who do not fear to murder or rape again, irrespective of the fact that they may be sentenced to death penalty and will only be imprisoned. Such people are those who cannot be turned into good individuals and law abiding citizens are thereby sentenced for death punishment in order to stick out the majority.

3. The authorities spend too much on convicts such as murderers:-

In the absence of death penalty, the convicts who have committed serious felonies will only get life imprisonment and will stay in prison, healthy and alive. With the rising count of rugged criminals, the authorities will need to spend more and more on health care and food for these prison inmates. Stated by the most distinguished critics, incurring more and more on criminals committing monstrous crimes is completely a waste of taxpayers’ money and is impractical.

4. It brings down the overall crime chart

The individuals who are sentenced for death penalties admit that without it the crime rate such as homicide and murders will rise as the convicts will fearless for committing such monstrous crimes. And being fearless for whatever they do is not subjected to a severe punishment right from the drug dealings and killing innocent people. And in the absence of such cruel punishments for such serious felonies criminals will naturally take the advantage of the weaker and innocent victims and people.

5. It is clean, safe and humanitarian.

The distinguished and renowned advocates take it that the deadly or the lethal injections being taken into practice and consideration by more and more states and nations in comparison with the various other forms of death sentence, it is a much viable option. Death sentence by these lethal injections is much better than the barbarian or inhuman practice such as firing (encounter) or hang till death is much messy as well as painful.

Death Penalty Cons

1. It is not a true offence constraint.

There are discussions which clearly come up with the conclusion that the death penalty clearly does not stop criminals from committing monstrous felonies. The clear reason is there are convicts that are suffering from mental illness and a death punishment is unable to avert them from evil doings which cannot be taken under control with appropriate medication.

2. Even the wrong guys can be punished sometimes

The legal framework for most of the countries including India and even in the States are having some loop holes. There are numerous chances when the innocent people are put behind the bars and charged with lawsuits and held responsible for crimes. A similar case was in United States narrates a tale for a person who was doing his time behind bars for 3 decades for rape. Just in case if all the people who are said to be convicts are put to death with the sever death penalties, mistakes are bound to happen  and numerous people will be put to a permanent sleep with the lethal injection even if they did not do anything.

3. It is a really costly method.

The experts of death penalty argue the opinion of followers that food support for the prison inmates is more costly than a death punishment. While on the other hand the drugs used in deadly injections and other costs incurred to the execution are much more costly.

4. It can result into dejection and emotions of guilt on people.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the death penalty is the truth that majority of the people who unknowingly get involved in such activities often suffer from dejection and guilty of being forced to put an end to others who can live their life ahead for the forthcoming years of their left life. It is in the handful cases observed that such people end up putting a full stop on their life depressed with the cruel thought. According to the experts there are many people who have been involved in death sentences for the convicts have a much disturbed life ahead. While on the other hand some people have turned to drugs so to overcome the problems.

5. It is against humanity and is non-reversible

A recent case of execution where the person who was put to the death sentence with the help of deadly injections did not die instantly and for him to die it took about 30 minutes. The individual eventually died due to a heart attack. It was stressful and painful for the executed but for the people who witnessed all of this was much painful. However it is against humanity and people who stand against death penalty state it as a completely wrong. If just in case a person is not guilty and sentenced to death he cannot be brought back to life.


With the current problem of shortage of lethal drugs being available anymore and the squabble to stop it right away the death penalty is a never ending issue. Irrespective of it being good or bad for the society the benefits of death penalty weight much more than the disadvantages.

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